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The Infotrak Coronavirus/Covid-19 Poll Series Continues! JUNE 2020

Kenya continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic with cases steadily rising each day. Currently the
number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 2600 deaths with 79 deaths. For the past three months the
Kenyan Government has implemented various measures aimed at ensuring that majority of Kenyans stay
safe and protected. Some of these measures which include imposition of curfew, partial lockdowns,
cessation of inter county movements and mandatory social/physical distancing and mask wearing have
been perceived by certain quarters as perhaps too punitive and extreme with certain quarters and
especially the business sector pushing for the return to normalcy in order to prevent the economy from
eminent collapse. It’s against this backdrop that following the lapse of the 21-day government measures
the President among other things today reduced the curfew periodic from 5am -7pm to 4am – 9pm and
ordered for the preparation of opening of schools from September.

Irrespective of circumstances, what is clear is that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues to test
the capacities of both our socio-economic and healthcare systems. Kenyans have individually had to make
extreme adjustments to their lives and modus operandi. It is against this background that Infotrak has
conducted perception surveys garner the views of Kenyans on the COVID-19. Our second wave of the
Infotrak COVID-19 poll which was conducted between 28th May and June 1 is out.

Some of the questions addressed in the poll include:

1. Does the President’s address speak to the heart and minds of what Kenyan’s think
and feel about COVID-19 pandemic?
2. What are the key issues that concern Kenyans currently? Are the Coronavirus and
food security still key issues of concern?
3. What are the major concerns Kenyans have regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic? Are
Kenyans really still worried about the pandemic?
4. Do Kenyans still think it’s better to take their families upcountry to protect them
from the Coronavirus?
5. What’s the Performance rating & level of trust of key stakeholders at the forefront of
in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic? Are Kenyans happy with how
government has handled the pandemic?
6. What are some of the financial challenges Kenyans are facing during this pandemic?

Read the full survey here…

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