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Infotrak Voice Of The People Poll July 2019


Currently in Kenya, a few issues have become common speak. Corruption, the new currency
notes and Gambling/Betting are top on the list. A recent Infotrak Voice of the People poll sought
to garner Kenyans views on the new currency notes and betting.

1. Do Kenyans support the release of the new currency notes or do they prefer the old ones?

a. Do Kenyans support this initiative because of the new currency will enhance good governance or do they support because the new notes look nice?

b. Are Kenyans happy with the deadline of 1st October for returning the old KES 1000 currency notes or do they want this deadline to be extended?

2. Who gambles the most? Is it: Men, Women, Youth etc

a. Which region gambles the most? Is it:
o The Enlightened City Dwellers of Nairobi;
o The Hardworking Farmers of Rift Valley; or
o The Dedicated Teachers of Western Province

b. Are gamblers trying to drop the habit and what happens when gamblers lose bets?

You can read the full report here……

Infotrak VOP Poll july 2019

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