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                             INFOTRAK VOICE OF THE PEOPLE POLL 2017
Five Months to the general elections, speculation is already rife on who is poised to win the
elections. Jostling and political scheming is steadily getting into top gear. Some of the current
hot topics that are on everyone’s tongues are The NASA alliance and who the ultimate
flagbearer will be and secondly, the upcoming party nominations..
While opinion leaders and politicians share their views on what they think about these
pertinent issues, it is truly the Voice of the Kenyan people that matters. They ultimately have
the mandate to pick the leaders of their choice.
It is against this background that The Infotrak Poll is conducted periodically to gauge the
perception of Kenyans on Political Party Popularity and the NASA alliance.
Among the issues that were revealed included:
1. Which are the most popular political parties in Kenya currently?
2. The most popular coalition /party between Jubilee Party and NASA Alliance,
3. Kenyans’ support the formation of NASA Alliance to compete against Jubilee in the upcoming elections
4. Kenyans’ opinion on the most suitable flag bearer for the NASA alliance and why
5. Key attributes that endear each of the NASA candidates to the public
Read the full report here…

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