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Infotrak Voice of The People Coronavirus Poll 2020

• Our country has recently witnessed an increase in the number of Coronavirus/Covid-19 which
currently stands at 126. The WHO has classified this COVID19 outbreak as a global pandemic
with 1,093,349 confirmed cases across 208 countries with 58,620 deaths and counting.

• On March 15th the president of Kenya officially addressed Kenyans on the existence of the
Coronavirus COVID/19 in the country and urged people to take the necessary precautionary
measures to safeguard their health. He further addressed the nation on 25th March announcing
the government’s economic stimulus programme aimed at cushioning citizens at the negative
effects of the pandemic on the country’s economy. He also announced the implementation of a
nationwide curfew from 7pm -5am with effect from 27th March.

• As the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic continues to test the capacities of both socio-economic
and healthcare systems in our country, Kenyans have individually had to make extreme
adjustments to their lives and modus operandi. It is against this background that Infotrak
conducted a perception survey to garner the views of Kenyans on COVID 19.

Read the general public report here….

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