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Infotrak Voice of The People Coronavirus Poll 2020 Phase II

Kenyans concerns over the impact of the Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic continues to test the capacities of both socio-economic and healthcare systems in our country, Kenyans have individually had to make extreme adjustments to their lives and modus operandi. It is against this background that Infotrak conducted a perception survey to garner the views of Kenyans on COVID-19, the first series of which was released on April 4th.

We have now released the second series of the poll findings on this challenging and unprecedented public health crisis. Some of the issues we shall cover include:


  1. Performance rating of key stakeholders critical in fighting the COVID19 Pandemic
  2. Level of trust for the key actors
  3. Kenyans’ personal concerns in dealing with the fight against the Corona Virus COVID19
  4. Kenyans’ view on what government should do to ensure sustainability during this tough period.

Find the second phase report here…

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