INFOTRAK-IDN Poll on Elections, Peace, Security and Cohesion

As we head towards the August general elections, there are already signs of violence being witnessed

across the country as political parties continue to conduct their nominations and Kenyans are not

certain how the general elections will be.

Institutions key to ensuring a free, fair and peaceful election is conducted have received criticism and

praise in equal measure as they prepare for the upcoming general elections. Party nominations have also

seen allegations of election rigging, which have led to some members not accepting the nomination

results, while in other areas, the nominations have been canceled.

Some political leaders have been accused of inciting communities against each other and no stern action

has been taken by relevant bodies or the political parties they represent. This has led Kenyans to

question if they are above the law and why they continue to be allowed to.

The contents of this poll conducted on Elections, Peace, Security and Cohesion will touch on the following:

  • 1. The perceptions of Kenyans about the state of the country as we move towards the general elections;
  • 2. The confidence that Kenyans have that the elections will be peaceful, free, and fair;
  • 3. The views of Kenyans on the preparation towards the general elections;
  • 4. Confidence levels in the IEBC and other election related organs like the Judiciary;
  • 5. The view of Kenyans on how politicians are conducting themselves as we approach the elections
  • 6. The views of Kenyans on security preparedness as we approach the general elections; and
  • 7. What Kenyans think of the national unity and cohesion status of the country, and what can be done better?

We invite you to join us tomorrow morning, Sunday, 23rd of April 2017.

IDN_Infotrak Poll Report on Elections, Peace, Security and Cohesion Presentation


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