When you build your brand equity you secure your future. Use BrandTrak to understand how.

For most companies, some form of brand health research is a standard part of ongoing brand tracking. At Infotrak we understand that to maintain the health and growth of your brand, you have to be constantly informed on the dynamics that determine these.

It is obvious that the environment in which a brand has to compete and the specific challenges it faces are constantly changing. Brand health research needs to at least keep up with (if not ahead of) these changes and methodologies adapted accordingly. At Infotrak our BrandTrak is not a generic off the shelf product rather a tailor made solution for your specific environment and needs

Our BrandTrak generally seeks to provide you with the following;

    • A measure of the relative strength of a brand, along with other possible competitive brands.


      • Determine the overall drivers of brand equity for each brand, as well as the benchmark for brand health.


        • Provide feedback on outcomes of positively affecting brand health – we would not only uncover how the brand(s) is defined, but also what benefit is derived with a positive brand health.


          • Develop sensitive and actionable recommendations based on the research findings and provide a baseline for tracking.


          • Compare results across brands, demographics, attitudes, geographies, and segments.