Kisumu County Embargo

Kisumu County is the bedrock of Opposition politics in Kenya.

Four months to the general elections and days away from political party nominations, members of the region’s dominant political outfit ODM are locked in a titanic struggle to win the party’s nomination certificates. Those who triumph at the nominations will have virtually clinched the various political seats in Kisumu County to be contested in August and will have consequently asserted their control over the politics of Kisumu. Nothing has been left to chance and this naturally has elicited plenty of public discourse.

While opinion leaders and politicians share their views on what they think about who is likely to carry the day, it is truly the Voice of the Kenyan people that matters.

What the report will highlight:

  1. Who the most preferred Gubernatorial aspirant currently is
  2. Who the most preferred Senatorial aspirant currently is
  3. Who the most preferred Women’s Representative aspirant is
  4. Which of the 7 Kisumu Members of National Assembly are likely to be re-elected


Kisumu Countytrak Release Full Report

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