Opinion Polls


Nairobi County politics is hot and bound to get even hotter.
Five Months to the general elections, both Jubilee and NASA Alliance are strategizing on how
to clinch various political seats in Nairobi county and have the control over Nairobi politics;
with party nominations around the corner, nothing is left to chance and this has elicited a lot of
debate with the general public.
While opinion leaders and politicians share their views on what they think about who is likely
to carry the day, it is truly the Voice of the Kenyan people that matters.
Join us tomorrow to share the Nairobi CountyTrak results on the following:

  1. Who the most preferred senatorial aspirant currently is
  2. Who the most preferred Women representative aspirant is
  3. Which of the 17 Nairobi MPs are likely to be re-elected
  4. Which Political affiliation is most popular in Nairobi



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